The Honorable Aren B. Palik

The Honorable Aren B. Palik is the Tenth Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).  

On May 11, 2023, Aren B. Palik was elected as Vice President by congressional colleagues of the Twenty-Third FSM Congress after winning his re-elected bid for the Kosrae’s At-large (4-year) seat in Congress.  He was first elected to Congress in 2019 where he served as Vice Chairman of the Resources & Development Committee and Education Committee.  He was also a member of the Committee on Health and Social Affairs and committee on Transportation and Communication.

Prior to his election to Congress, Vice President Palik had built an impressive professional career in the financial services (banking) industry, spanning over 30 years. He was President & CEO of the Pacific Islands Development Bank for 17 years with corporate office on Guam.  Under his leadership, the Bank posted improved overall performance and unprecedented growth. Previously, he held executive management positions at Bank of Hawaii, Bank of the FSM, and the FSM Development Bank. His knowledge and experience prepare him well to manage and improve delivery of government services with transparency, accountability, and integrity.

Under the new Simina/Palik administration and given his background and experience, Vice President Palik has primary responsibility over the following departments and portfolios: Finance & Administration, Resources & Development, Education, Postal Services, and the Executive Budget Review Committee (EBRC).

In addition to his rich professional background, Vice President Palik also served his nation in various roles and capacities.  He was a member of the Joint Committee on Compact Review and Planning (JCRP) tasked to negotiate the expiring provisions of the amended Compact; former member of the Compact Trust Fund Committee; a delegate to the 3rd FSM Constitutional Convention; and a delegate to the 3rd Kosrae State Constitutional Convention.  Palik also served as Chairman of FSM Unified Revenue Authority and FSM Development Bank Board of Directors.

In the Micronesia sub-region, the Vice President was a member and Chairman of the Micronesia Conservation (MCT)Trust Board of Trustees, Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies (APAFS) Board of Governors, and Guam Chamber of Commerce.

Vice President Palik earned a Master’s degree from University of Delaware Graduate School of Banking, where he graduated with honor, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Economics from Eastern Oregon University. 

The Honorable Aren B. Palik, the Tenth Vice President of the FSM, is married to Mrs. Adelita Abraham Palik and they have four children: Sonja, Ryan, Lloyd, and Jason. 


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