In Memoriam: Camillo Noket

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In Memoriam: Camillo Noket


PALIKIR, Pohnpei—On May 4th, 2020, the Honorable Camillo Noket, Chief Justice of the Chuuk State Supreme Court, passed away. Although most recently known for his service in the 4th FSM Constitutional Convention as one of the delegates representing Election District 2 of Chuuk State, Camillo Noket led a distinguished career in public service where he was well-regarded as committed towards justice and public service.


A credit to his insightful and capable mind, Camillo Noket was the first Micronesian to pass the FSM bar without formal attendance at a law school. Of his lifetime of major accomplishments benefitting both Chuuk and the Nation at large, one of the first was through his service at the 1st Chuuk State Constitutional Convention in 1988 where he served as Chair of the Civil Liberties & Traditions Committee. Camillo Noket would later serve as the Chair of the Civil Liberties & Traditions Committee for the 2nd FSM Constitutional Convention in 1990.


Camillo Noket’s career in the FSM National Government began with his employment as an attorney with the Department of Justice’s Division of International Law. Having demonstrated a tenacious conviction to uphold the law and to promote truth in all of its forms, Camillo Noket is formally recognized by the FSM National Government as having had a most distinguished and dignified service as the Attorney General of the FSM, a capacity which he served in for nearly a decade.


The FSM National Government owes much of its present-day standard operating procedures in promoting and maintaining the rule of law due to Camillo Noket’s distinguished and dignified service as Attorney General of the FSM. Citizens across the Nation later directly benefited from his service as the Directing Attorney for the Micronesian Legal Services Corporation; and citizens in the FSM State of Chuuk were direct witnesses to his enduring and unshakeable faith in justice for each and every human being in his capacity as the Chief Justice for Chuuk State Supreme Court.


The Nation has been remarkably fortunate to have been blessed with Camillo Noket’s service to its citizens, for he represented the virtues that the FSM stands for and believes in. The FSM National Government thanks Camillo Noket for his many and noble deeds, sends its deepest condolences to his family and friends in this time of mourning, and asks that the citizens of the Nation recall his good character, convivial attitude, compassionate heart, and terrific sense of humor, and reflect on his outstanding service to the people.

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