FSM-Australia Cooperation Talks Conclude; FSM-Australia Relations Soar to New Heights

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FSM-Australia Cooperation Talks Conclude; FSM-Australia Relations Soar to New Heights


PALIKIR, Pohnpei—The Government of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and the Government of Australia have recently concluded the 2021 FSM-Australia Cooperation Talks.


The FSM and Australia have agreed to continue collaboration on priority areas of mutual interest, such as security cooperation, Climate Change, infrastructure development, environmental resilience, health security and COVID-19 Pandemic response, human resource development, people-to-people links, and gender equality.


Regarding FSM-Australia security cooperation, the FSM and Australia agreed to continue building the FSM’s regional leadership and operational capacity through the Pacific Maritime Security Program as well as additional FSM-Australia security cooperation efforts. It is the FSM’s view that this cooperation is in line with the FSM’s interests to promote and protect a Free & Open Indo-Pacific.


Regarding Climate Change and Environmental Resilience, the FSM and Australia reaffirmed that Climate Change remains the single greatest threat to the livelihoods, security, and wellbeing of the peoples of the Pacific. Australia committed to taking steps to explore how they might support the building of high-priority climate-resilient infrastructure and critical economic infrastructure.


Additionally, Australia committed to helping the FSM advocate and support the Declaration on Preserving Maritime Zones in the Face of Climate Change-related Sea-Level Rise, as well as working with Japan and the United States of America to address environmental issues caused by the decay of World War II shipwrecks in Chuuk Lagoon.


Regarding Human Development & People-to-People Links, the FSM and Australia committed to building on the recent progress achieved under the Improving the Quality of Basic Education (IQBE) program, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank. Australia committed to continue to supplement its IQBE investment through additional support for three Education Advisers in the FSM National Government and Governments of Chuuk State and Yap State.


Additionally, Australia committed to continuing its support to the FSM’s broader development through the Australia Awards program, and through progressing proposals through the Australian Volunteers program to support the Nation’s gender, health, disability, environment, and disaster response.


Regarding Gender Equality, the FSM and Australia agreed to work together to elevate consideration of gender equality across the Pacific region. Through the Pacific Women Lead Program, the FSM and Australia will continue to work together on agreed priorities aimed at reducing the incidence of gender-based violence, and strengthening women’s economic empowerment.


The 2021 FSM-Australia Cooperation Talks concluded with a signing ceremony between the Honorable Kandhi A. Elieisar, Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and Her Excellency Jo Cowley, Ambassador of Australia to the FSM.

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