World Bank-funded FSM Sustainable Energy Development & Access Project Breaks Ground in Nahnpohnmal; Pohnpei State Receiving Three New Generators to Strengthen Electrical Grid

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World Bank-funded FSM Sustainable Energy Development & Access Project Breaks Ground in Nahnpohnmal; Pohnpei State Receiving Three New Generators to Strengthen Electrical Grid


PALIKIR, Pohnpei—On March 20th, 2023, His Excellency David W. Panuelo—President of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)—attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the FSM Sustainable Energy Development & Access Project’s (SEDAP’s) three new generators at the Nahnpohnmal Power Plant in Pohnpei State. Funded by the World Bank, SEDAP is one of the central components of the first phase of the FSM’s Energy Master Plan.


Pohnpei State’s share of SEDAP is $11.4 million ($11,400,000) and tackles the upgrade of the Nahnpohnmal Power Plant, including the installation of three new medium-speed diesel generators, which intend to improve the reliability of electricity supply in Pohnpei State by providing about 7.5 MegaWatts of power (2.5 MegaWatts each) to serve base load and provide appropriate grid redundancy. Additionally, the project will assist Pohnpei Utilities Corporation with consultancy for technical specifications and analytical work; associated grid facilities to improve the operational performance and generation capacity of the corporation; waste oil storage tank and spill containment; removal of obsolete generation equipment; and electrotechnical and electronic equipment, such as a Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) power system, measuring, monitoring, and protection devices, and converters to help the utility improve its operational performance.


In other words, the program seeks to ensure that the State has reliable and efficient diesel generators that will be able to back up and work in sync with current efforts by Pohnpei Utilities Corporation to bolster and expand renewable energy inputs to the grid, including both solar-power and hydro-power, along with increased battery energy storage systems in the coming months and years.


SEDAP itself is a $30 million ($30,000,000) program of work that also includes a new generator for Yap State Public Service Corporation; an additional one (1) MegaWatt of battery energy storage systems for Kosrae Utilities Authority; and renewable energy minigrids for the State of Chuuk and Chuuk Public Utilities Corporation.


“The issue of grid stability and power reliability was one of the key points raised at the recent Micronesian Islands Forum,” President Panuelo said during his remarks which, for history’s sake, the Division of Public Information notes was during a power outage in Palikir as if to emphasize the need for such improvements in real-time. “I am pleased to see that the topic is now addressed in this project as Pohnpei Utilities Corporation is receiving new gensets that will allow easier integration of the various renewable energy systems into the state power grid. Equally important to highlight is the fact that our waste oil will be properly stored, and the old generation equipment will be removed and disposed of properly.”


Citizens may recall that President Panuelo discussed SEDAP’s implementation during his State of the Nation address in January 2023.


During his remarks, President Panuelo gave appreciation and congratulations to His Majesty Nahnpwutak Pikeniap, Nahnmwarki of Sokehs; Degi Young, the Resident Representative of the World Bank for the North Pacific; the Honorable Reed B. Oliver, Governor of Pohnpei State; the Honorable Marvin T. Yamaguchi, Speaker of Pohnpei Legislature; Mr. Nixon Anson, CEO of Pohnpei Utilities Corporation; and Mr. Erick Paul, Chair of the Board of Pohnpei Utilities Corporation.


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