US Ambassador to the FSM Jennifer L. Johnson Presents Credentials to H.E. President Simina

Palikir, Pohnpei, September 13, 2023 – On Wednesday September 13th, H.E. President Wesley W. Simina, accepted the presentation of credentials from the United States Ambassador to the FSM, Jennifer L. Johnson.
During the ceremony, President Simina described the occasion as “a new chapter in the FSM-US’s enduring friendship that has stood the test of time”, one that is “rooted in shared history and democratic values.”
Following the ceremony, President Simina and Ambassador Johnson took the opportunity to sit down together and discuss in more detail their vision in working together to strengthen the FSM-US enduring friendship, including President Simina submitting his request for any support that the Ambassador can provide towards the pending approval of the FSM’s amended compact package in US Congress. In light of that, President Simina and Ambassador Johnson noted the timeliness of the upcoming second annual US - Pacific Island Country Summit, taking place in Washington, DC in the later part of September.
The ceremony was attended by T.H. Vice President Aren B. Palik, members of cabinet, members of the diplomatic corp, Ambassador Johnson’s family, national government staff as well as staff of the US Embassy.
The Simina-Palik Administration welcomes Ambassador Johnson and her family to the FSM, and looks forward to continuing to deepen the enduring partnership between FSM and the United States.


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