President Wesley W. Simina receives China’s Special Envoy Minister Tang Renjian

Palikir, Pohnpei (July 25, 2023) President Wesley W. Simina received President Xi Jinping’s Special Envoy to the FSM’s Joint inauguration celebration, honorable Tang Renjian, Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China.
The two sides exchanged pleasantries and both evaluated the state of bilateral relations between the Federated States of Micronesia and the People’s Republic of China, which was established on September 11, 1989.
President Simina conveyed his appreciation for the honor that President Xi attached to the FSM’s joint inauguration celebration by dispatching Special Envoy Minister Tang to lead a delegation to join in on the festive occasion.
President Simina welcomed the honored guests to the seat of the nation’s capital Palikir, Pohnpei, acknowledged the great friendship between the FSM and China, and reassured of the FSM government’s continued support of its One China Policy. The President also conveyed appreciation for the resumption and considerations of delayed and pending projects such as the National Convention Center, Renovation of the Pohnpei Administration Building, Chuuk Road Project, and the purchase of a second Y-12 aircraft.
Special Envoy Minister Tang extended congratulations for the inauguration from His Excellency President Xi Jinping and also conveyed congratulations to the honorable Vice President Aren B. Palik from China’s honorable Vice President Han Zheng. Special Envoy Tang additionally thanked President Simina for his government’s support of the One China Policy.
Both sides touched on important areas for cooperation including development, promoting people to people exchanges, and cooperation in the multilateral forums to tackle global challenges. Other topics of discussion included fisheries, agriculture and trade, and tourism.
Special Envoy Minister Tang also made the following announcements: the resumption of various projects that were delayed due to covid-19, an upcoming visit to the FSM by acrobatic troupes from Shandong and Guangdong province to come to the FSM soon to promote cultural exchanges, as well as resumption of programs from Guangdong province which include medical doctor program to resume in the FSM. China’s scholarship program and trainings will also resume and welcome more FSM students and technicians to utilize the capacity building opportunities provided by China. Through the provincial and city relations with China, the Special Envoy also announced that Zhongshan district of Guangdong province is ready to build five speed boats for Chuuk state to facilitate transportation. The Special Envoy also announced his government’s support of another economic and technical cooperation agreement to be signed, for projects to be later determined by the two governments, in the value of 30 million RMB. He also announced that China is making special arrangements to provide another $2 million dollars cash contribution into the FSM Trust Fund.
The courtesy call on the President concluded with a signing ceremony of the announced economic and technical cooperation agreement. FSM’s Ambassador to China Vincent Sivas, and China’s Ambassador to FSM Wu Wei signed the agreement on behalf of the two respective governments.


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