Holiday Wishes for a Joyous & Blessed Christmas & a Prosperous New Year

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Holiday Wishes for a Joyous & Blessed Christmas & a Prosperous New Year


My dear citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia,


Christmas is a season of being the very best of our selves, a season where we demonstrate that our fundamental purpose in life is of learning, and teaching, love with one another. Christmas is a time of reflection on who we are and what we value, a time where our greatest strength—unity—is exemplified across our four stars shining on the seas, as reflected on the flag of our great Nation, the Federated States of Micronesia.


The name and identity embedded in the term “Micronesian” belongs to you all, a birthright that cannot be taken away by any man or institution of men. In our forty years of Constitutional Government and 33 years of Independence, we’ve faced many challenges across the spectrum—but so too have we endured, and we will continue to endure, as we work together to build our communal vision of peace, unity, and liberty.


As Micronesians, we have much to be grateful for. Our islands are peaceful and democratic. We are richly endowed in the good things from this Earth, in the love of our families, and in the fellowship of our neighbors. It is a blessing to be of this country, and it is a blessing for me to have the honor to serve you as your President.


2019 has seen extraordinary developments for our Nation, and in 2020 we’ll go even further. We’ll begin the year with our Constitutional Convention on January 7th, and soon after I look forward to receiving and welcoming a U.S. congressional delegation from the 116th United States Congress to the FSM, whom I’ve extended an invitation to during my visit to Washington DC in May. There is no doubt that our Compact of Free Association with our first and foremost ally is enduring—and I look forward to continuing the work of strengthening that partnership every day. The negotiations have recently begun, and are proceeding smoothly with much anticipation to be concluded as early as possible.


We continue to strengthen our partnerships with other development partners, such as Japan—with whom we share a Kizuna or special bond—and with China, with whom we share a Great Friendship. We look forward to reciprocating Australia’s friendship by establishing an Embassy in Canberra, and enhancing our collaboration with NGOs such as Hawaii Green Growth, Okeanos for the Sea Foundation, Waitt Foundation & Blue Prosperity Coalition, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and more.


But, for now, as our families and communities celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior on this blessed and important Christmas day, let us be thankful for one another, thankful for our families, and thankful for who we are as Micronesians.


From myself, Vice President George, and our families and staff, we wish each and every one of you, our dear citizens of the FSM, family, friends at home and abroad, a very joyous and blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


David W. Panuelo

President of the Federated States of Micronesia


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