FSM Attends 1st Pacific Exposition: “Creating a Pacific Momentum”

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FSM Attends 1st Pacific Exposition: “Creating a Pacific Momentum”


AUCKLAND, New Zealand—Supported by funding from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, in partnership with the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, the first Pacific Exposition—which saw officials, businessmen, and artists from 20 Pacific Island nations, including the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) participate to promote their countries—was held from July 11th to 14, 2019.


Representing the FSM were Mr. Bermance Aldis, Program Manager for the Division of Tourism and Mr. Stanley Raffilman, Program Manager for Investment, Department of Resources & Development.


Mr. Aldis and Mr. Raffilman showcased the FSM in the Tourism Forum, the Business and Investment Forum, and the Cultural Forum. Attendees expressed enthusiasm about what the FSM can offer to potential tourists. In particular, Mr. Aldis’ presentation on the FSM’s Underwater Cultural Heritage showed the richness of the FSM’s unique assortment of attractions.


“The expo is a success in terms of increasing awareness of the FSM’s potential as a tourist destination and in developing investment opportunities,” Mr. Aldis said.


The FSM, which His Excellency David W. Panuelo has described as “paradise in our backyard,” is exploring means of enhancing foreign investment within the Nation to improve opportunities for its citizens.


One key discussion in the Pacific Exposition was regarding a proposal from the Indonesian Government on the establishment of the “One Pacific Destination” network. This proposed network would see collaboration across the Pacific to promote tourism, which in turn could attract longer-term trade and investment opportunities. While the FSM National Government hasn’t committed to this network, it’s considering further exploration into its mechanics to determine if joining such a network would deliver proportionate benefits to the Nation.


The FSM National Government is committed to promoting and protecting the paradise in our backyard for the benefit of all the Nation’s citizens.


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